Samantha Mohr Married, Husband, Children, Bio, Family, Salary (2024)

American Meteorologist Samantha Mohr is a married woman...husband was not satisfied with the movie, Wolverine...basks on children bliss as...her bio implies that she has a daughter named...enjoyed morning Pina Coladas in Kauai on...shares family glimpses via...serves as a meteorologist at WXIA 11 Alive in Atlanta while receiving a salary of...

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If you comprehend the phrase ‘beauty with brains,’ then you will know that American media and television personality Samantha Mohr is a perfect example for it.

Georgina-born Samantha Mohr has garnished her career as a successful meteorologist. But right before choosing her career in reporting, she was solely focused on modeling.

Samantha bagged the title of Miss Georgia in 1985. However, she didn’t stop there. A year later, she went on to compete at the Miss America 1986 pageant representing Georgia.

Though she didn’t win the title, her presence at the national competition was more than enough to define her pageant career.

Biography Of Samantha Mohr:

American native Samantha Mohr was born on 13 September 1961in Columbus, Georgia. She is 56 years of age and belongs to white ethnicity. Though Samantha hasn’t spilled the beans regarding the identity of her parents, her success flashes that she had an astounding upbringing.

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For her academics, Samantha joined the University of Georgia and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in speech pathology in 1985.

Besides, she also did her minor in audiology. Furthermore, Mohr received BA degree in broadcast meteorology from the University of St. Thomas in Houston, Texas, in the year 1989.

Samantha’s Meteorology Career: FOX TV To WXIA 11

After achieving a commanding feat in the beauty world, Samantha decided to give her career a new direction. With the bachelor’s degree in meteorology, she worked as an intern at FOX TV station KRIV.

Subsequently, Mohr moved to KTVK, Phoenix in 1989, where she served as a morning meteorologist for Good Morning Arizona. With her media career getting a fresh polish, something big was waiting for Samantha in the distant future.

After spending more than 12 years at Phoenix, Samantha was called by the CBS-owned television station, KPIX-TV in 2001, where Veronica De La Cruz has been regular since 2014. She flaunted her media skills as a Chief Meteorologist working till 2007 at the network.

The next stop for Mohr was in Georgia, where she served on Weekend View for The Weather Channel in 2007. Later on, she spent two years at CNN International as a weather reporter from 2013 to 2015.

Currently, Samantha is serving as a meteorologist at WXIA 11 Alive in Atlanta, Georgia. She provides weekend weather for the network as part of the 11 Alive Storm Tracker team. American meteorologistBonnie Schneider also previously served at the channel.

How Much Is Samantha Mohr’s Salary?

Television personality and meteorology both combine as one to uplift the fascinating career of Samantha Mohr. She has indeed amassed a lot of fame for her illustrious professionalism. Besides that, she also earns a compelling paycheck for what she does the best.

Taking account to the reports from, the average salary of Meteorologist in the United States touches the figure of $53k. Samantha, as a successful meteorologist, certainly earns a touch more than the average earnings.

Is Samantha Mohr Married?

Well, Yes! The prodigious media personality is enjoying every ounce of her married life with her partner in crime, Kent Matthews. Though her wedding date and initial hookup remain a mystery, she seems to be biting every cherry from her prosperous personal life.

Not that we assume she has a bliss; Samantha frequently flaunts the love for her sweet family on her social accounts, which resembles her joy.

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One such instance was on 17 August 2013, when she tweeted that she went to see Wolverine movie with her husband. As Kent was not too satisfied with the film, Samantha mentioned that X-Men movie was for ladies.

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Samantha Mohr enjoys quality family time with daughter on 19 October 2015 (Photo: Samantha Mohr’s Instagram)

Samantha and her husband are also blessed with children bliss. They have a daughter named Allison Matthews. It was on 19 October 2015, when Samantha was seen enjoying the quality time with her husband and daughter via her Instagram post.

She also Instagrammed apicture of her daughter on 24 June 2017, and in the caption revealed that they were enjoying theirmorning Pina Coladas in Kauai.

With the posts Samantha uploads in her social media accounts, it is evident that she basks on a beautiful off-screen life. Her heart-whelming connection with Kent and Allison portrays the alluring side of her relationship.

Fun Facts About Samantha Mohr

  • Standing at the tall height of five-feet-eight-inches tall, Samantha Mohr weighs 65 kg. She has a perfect hourglass shaped body with a body measurement of 37-32-39. Furthermore, her mesmerizing blue eyes and short blonde haircut helps her to look younger and jubilant than her actual age.
  • Samantha is a three-time Emmy Award winner, twice for Outstanding Achievement in Weather and once for Best Daytime Newscast.
  • She also received the RTDNA Award for Northern California Best Weather Segment/Story in 2003 and the AP Award for Best Weathercast in California/Utah in 2002.
  • During her senior year of her undergraduate studies at the University of Georgia, Samatha took part in the beauty pageant at the suggestion of a fellow UGA student. The same year, she took part in Miss Columbus 1985 and was honored with this title at the end of this competition.
  • Samantha enjoys cycling, snow skiing, and hiking aper from her profession.
Samantha Mohr Married, Husband, Children, Bio, Family, Salary (2024)
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