Baseball in Missouri: A Show-Me State Pastime (2024)

No sport produces feelings of nostalgia quite like baseball. Whether it’s the sound of the organ playing, snacking on peanuts and Cracker Jacks, or the crack of the bat, baseball has been a favorite pastime in Missouri since the very first inning.

Major League Baseball in Missouri

The Show-Me State is one of only eight states to be the home of two major league teams – the St. Louis Cardinals and Kansas City Royals. Moreover, the state ranks high for the number of MLB (Major League Baseball) players produced and ranks second in World Series wins.

St. Louis Cardinals and Their History

St. Louis’s major league debut goes back to 1875, when they began as the Brown Stockings. In 1899, the team’s name changed to the Perfectos, and with this change, the team premiered new uniforms in a “lovely shade of cardinal,” according to an onlooking fan. This, as you can guess, is how the beloved St. Louis team became the Cardinals.

Fast forward to today, and the team is synonymous with Show-Me State history. They have made 19 World Series appearances and won the championship 11 times – the most of any team from the National League and second in the MLB. The team also has 19 National League pennants and holds 15 division titles in the East and Central divisions. Talk about knocking records out of the park!

Busch Stadium and Must-See Attractions

Upon arriving to Busch Stadium, where the team has played since 2006, fans will encounter a sea of red and white, a view of the towering Gateway Arch and a look at the legendary, humorous mascot – Fredbird. The stadium is family-friendly, providing affordable tickets and a sensory room, a safe space for those with sensory processing needs.

When visiting, be sure to check out the nearby attractions below for a full day of family pastime.

  • Ballpark Village – Experience Ballpark Village vibes before attending a game. Conveniently located next to the stadium, this buzzing, sports-themed district has a Beer Garden, beachy oasis bar, rooftop deck and VIP lounge with a 40-foot LED TV. There are also several dining and drinking options for your personal taste and preference.
  • Citygarden Sculpture Park – This urban sculpture park is in downtown St. Louis, about a 5-10 minute walk from Busch Stadium. It features 24 stunning sculptures, fountains, gardens, a children’s spray plaza and a 180-foot-long pool.
  • Gateway Arch – Discover stories that are as incredible as the views. The Gateway Arch’s tram will lift you to the tallest monument in the United States – 630 feet!
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Kansas City Royals’ History

Founded as an expansion franchise in 1969, the Kansas City Royals don royal blue, gold and white. It would appear that the team’s name is a reference to royalty, but in actuality, it is a salute to Kansas City’s American Royal show, one of the largest livestock exhibitions that is still operating today.

The team has made four World Series appearances, winning in 1985 and 2015. They currently play at Kauffman Stadium, often called “The K,” where fans can peruse the stadium through a 360-degree concourse, while still being able to keep their eyes on the game.

This modern-day build eliminates the worry of missing a play, so go ahead and buy that popcorn or hotdog and enjoy the field’s panoramic view. When planning for your grand-slam-of-a-day in Kansas City, be sure to check out the nearby attractions below.

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Things to Do Near Kauffman Stadium

  • Negro Leagues Baseball Museum – Immerse yourself in baseball history with a visit to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. Only about a 15-minute drive from The K, it’s the world’s only museum committed to preserving and honoring the rich history of African-American baseball and its effect on society’s progress.
  • Country Club Plaza Shopping & Dining District – This modern plaza has 15 blocks of shopping, dining, architecture and traditions. With more than 70 stores to shop and 20-plus places to dine, there are plenty of options for your time in downtown Kansas City.
  • Union Station – This 104-year-old historical landmark is a sight to see – the interior architecture is beautiful! Within Union Station, there are several attractions for visitors to enjoy: Science City, Arvin Gottlieb Planetarium, Regnier Extreme Screen Theatre, the Model Railroad Experience, plus a selection of shops and restaurants.
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Minor League Baseball

In addition to the two MLB teams, the Show-Me State has a minor league team – the Springfield Cardinals. Originally dubbed the Springfield Highlanders back in 1931, the team has been a feeder team for the St. Louis Cardinals since 2005. They hold several titles, one of them being the 2012 League title. Plan ahead for one of their famous “theme nights” at Hammons Field and try the ballpark’s exceptional food offerings like Springfield-style cashew chicken.

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Missouri College Baseball

Mizzou Baseball, Columbia

The “M-I-Z!” “Z-O-U!” Tigers are well-known for baseball. The university was founded in 1891 and proudly wears old gold and black. Their claim to fame is depicted in their success – they won the College World Series in 1954, made 6 total appearances and came in as the runner-up 3 times. Additionally, the college claims the most MLB draft picks – an ace team with an ace record!

Missouri State Baseball, Springfield

Established in 1964, Missouri State (MSU) wears maroon and white and has produced more than 20 MLB draft picks. They also made it to the College World Series and have won the NCAA regional championship 3 times, most recently in 2017. “Let’s hear it for the BEARS!”

Whether it’s your first game or your hundredth, nothing compares to the delightful experience of attending a Show-Me State ballgame. The fervor of the crowd and love for America’s pastime will continue to bring fans together for decades to come – “Alexa, play ‘Take Me Out to the Ballgame.’”

Baseball in Missouri: A Show-Me State Pastime (2024)
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