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Our Camping is near the Argolis bay, a spot perfect for both children and adults, as you can thoroughly enjoy the weather and the beautiful sea. The waters are not deep, so it is perfect for small children and people who do not swim very well.
The spot is perfect for both children and adults, and you can do surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling and fishing.
Relax at our Cafe listening to music or play backgammon, chess and board games.

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If you love reading, there is a library with books in Greek, German, English and Dutch. You can borrow books to read and/or leave here the books you've already read.


Iria is a picturesque seaside village, just 22 km away from Nafplion. At the harbor there are fishing boats and many houses with traditional style. The area is particularly fertile and the basic produce is the famous local artichoke. Iria and Candia have shops and a pharmacy as well as good traditional taverns and bars.

Nightlife is good at Nafplio, Portocheli, Spetses and Hydra.
Other nearby beaches are the neighboring beach of Candia, Plaka Drepano, Karathona Nafplio, Vivari and Kondyli. The area is great for bike rides, such as the Tolo - Candia - Tolo route (23 km).

The Shipwreck

In the Akrotiri (cape) of Iria there is a unique ancient shipwreck of 1200 BC. It is located about 15 meters from the rocky coast and at a depth of 12 to 28 meters. Major finds were ancient ceramics, amphoras, piths and a stone anchor.

Wind Surfing

Iria Beach is an area suitable for windsurfing at intermediate and advanced level. Together with Astros they are the best surfing sites in east Peloponese. Contrary to Paros's surfing sites Iria Beach is not recommended only for advanced surfers. The main advantage of Iria Beach is the thermal wind which blows every afternoon from 13.00 to 17.00 during the season between May and August. The direction of the wind is from the south so the surfing direction is CROOS - SHORE from the beach in front of our camping site. It is also very important that the south wind directs the surfers to Candia Beach and not towards the sea thus eliminating the risk.

During the morning hours weather conditions are so gentle that makes it ideal for beginners to train. There is also a security boat in case of accident or failure.

Enjoy your favorite sport at Iria Beach

It is important to mention that 30% of our customers windsurf so there is a friendly, entertaining and competitive atmosphere with people having one common hobby. Finally, there is the possibility of replacing broken parts or ordering equipment which can be delivered within one or two days because we cooperate with many well-known brands like: FANATIC, MISTRAL, F2, AHD, RRD, NEIL, PRYDE, NORTH SAILS, GAASTRA etc. We are looking forward to enjoying our favorite hobby together.


Argolis is the prefecture in Greece with the most archaeological and historical sites and receives thousands of visitors each year.
If you want to take an excursion to the many interesting, neighboring places, we are here to help you with all the information. At the reception you will also find maps and relevant material. And if you want to rent a car or taxi we will be pleased to serve you!

Nafplio (22 km.)

Nafplio is ideal for a stroll in its beautiful streets, with nice shops and good taverns.

Epidaurus (25 km)

Visit the famous Ancient Theater and enjoy the excellent performances that take place every summer.

Mycenae (41 km))

Stroll in the kingdom of Agamemnon, pass under the Lion's Gate and walk into the famous Tholos (domed) tombs.

Argos (31 km)

One of the world's oldest towns. Visit the Ancient Theater carved on a rocky hill, enjoy theatrical performances and events, or visit the nearby ancient Agora.

Moni Avgou (Monastery)

One of the most important monuments of the Argolic land is the Holy Monastery of Avgou (Agios Dimitrios) with its strange name and many stories.

Ancient Tiryns (28 km)

The large stone walls made by Perseus along with the Cyclops are a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Athens (177 km)

Parthenon, the brightest creation of Athenian democracy in the period of its great prosperity is a must-see.

Ancient Olympia (215 km)

The most glorious sanctuary of ancient Greece, dedicated to the father of the gods, Zeus.

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